Every Day is Data Day.

Schoolrunner is a comprehensive student data system that gives teachers and schools one place to track everything they care about.

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The Problem
The Problem

Data Should Make Your Job Easier, Not Harder.

All you want is to know what’s going on with every student, every classroom, and across every school in your domain. Unfortunately for you, your data is spread out in five different places. So if you want a holistic view of a student’s progress or whether you’re on track to meet your goals you’re probably resorting to spreadsheets that maybe get updated quarterly. And that means you’re falling far short of the Data Holy Grail of informing tomorrow’s instruction with today’s results.

The Solution
The Solution

All The Student Data You Need. All In One Place.

Schoolrunner is your home for academics, attendance, behavior, standards mastery, and more. We let you measure what you care about in ways that make sense to you. We’ll even help you set things up to match your existing processes, automatically pulling from and exporting data to your Student Information System (SIS) so there’s no double-entry. That way, teachers can get data into the system quickly, see what’s happening, and get on with driving student achievement.

The Features

Education is in a Constant State of Flux.
We Flex with You.

Schoolrunner was founded in partnership with real-world users and we continue to take their feedback to heart. We’re always pushing forward with smart new features to give you quicker access to more actionable data. And new features are released to a beta site first so you can take a test drive before they go live.

  • I was able to get 90% of my students to proficient or better because the gaps were so obvious in Schoolrunner.
    Jim Kline, Dean of Humanities, Sci Academy
  • Teachers can click a button and get all their student information at one time, and leaders can compare data across schools and collaborate.
    Riley Kennedy, COO, Collegiate Academies
  • Everything we think is important is now in one place, and we are able to easily analyze it in ways that are useful to us.
    Chris Hines, COO, Crescent City
  • This kind of customer service is both eerie and wonderful. :)
    Jim Kline, Dean of Humanities, Sci Academy
  • It has revolutionized the way we look at education data and make decisions. And from an operational standpoint, the fact that everything is in one place saves an incredible amount of time.
    Riley Kennedy, COO, Collegiate Academies
  • Schoolrunner has given us valuable insight into our culture which has helped us plan more effectively. I’m a big fan!
    Gillian Quinn-Pineda, School Leader, KIPP Northeast College Prep
Mission & Vision

Why We Do It

Schoolrunner’s mission is to become the student data system of choice by providing schools with a single platform that meets all their data needs with exceptional customer service to make sure it actually solves problems.

Our vision is to give teachers professional tools to spare them precious minutes and let them bring a timely, data-informed awareness to their job of educating and inspiring.

Core Values
  • Teamwork

    We know technology, you know schools. It's your feedback that turns a good system into a great one.
  • Communication

    We believe two-way communication is the key to a successful relationship. We never stop listening, we're always moving forward together.
  • Passion

    We're passionate about making teachers' jobs a little easier so they can focus on helping kids learn. And that’s good for everyone.
  • Accountability

    We do what we say we are going to do, period. If you have a problem, we’re going to be there to help you work through it.

Student Privacy Pledge

At Schoolrunner, we know that going above and beyond applies not just to great support or smart features but to data privacy as well. That’s why we signed the Future of Privacy Forum’s Student Privacy Pledge. It’s also why we developed a modern Privacy Policy that goes beyond government regulations such as FERPA. We even hired a top-notch security agency to make sure Schoolrunner gets an A+ in Cybersecurity.

Test Our Responsiveness First-Hand.

Is your current student information workflow failing to meet your needs? Join the ranks of schools that have turned to Schoolrunner for our innovative technology and responsive customer service. Contact us today!